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Laser Vascular - Nd YAG

Nd YAG Vascular Laser

The Nd YAG Laser is the current laser of choice for quickly and effectively removing superficial leg veins.  It safely penetrates the skin to target the blood vessel by coagulating the blood inside the vein and causing it to collapse and seal.  This collapsed vein will then disappear over the next few weeks as the body naturally and safely reabsorbs the coagulated blood.  Although some veins will instantly disappear, others can take up to a month to be totally re-absorbed. 

What type of blood vessels can be treated?

  • Fine Leg Vessels (Telangiectasia)

  • Large Blue Leg Veins (Reticular Leg Veins)

  • Red Spots (Hemangiomas)

  • Spider Veins

Please note: Sclerotherapy is a better option for treating knotty varicose veins

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What does it feel like?

As the pulse of energy penetrates the skin, a stinging or prickling sensation can be felt.  While this can be a little uncomfortable, local anaesthesia or pain medication is usually not required.  Following the treatment, the client should experience little or no pain.

How many treatments are needed?

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Most clients will only need a yearly touch-up to keep vessels at bay. However, for those with a propensity for developing unsightly vessels in the legs, six-monthly treatments may be required.

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