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Laser Genesis - Nd YAG

Laser Genesis

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Laser Genesis is a non-ablative laser treatment for effectively treating skin conditions caused by ageing and sun damage.  It has been scientifically proven to produce new collagen. 'Non-ablative' means that the laser works by heating up the underlying skin tissue without harming the skin's surface.  Excellent results can therefore be achieved with very little to no downtime. The therapist is also able to carefully adjust the machine’s settings to tailor the treatment according to each client's particular concerns. 

What conditions is it suitable for?

  • acne scarring

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • poor and uneven skin tone

  • redness and rosacea

  • scarring in hypertrophic and keloid scars

What does it feel like?

Clients often describe the treatment as being quite relaxing and without any pain involved.  You will experience a gentle warming of the skin's surface as the laser moves over the treatment area. 

How many treatments?

For optimum results, four to six initial treatments are generally recommended, spaced about a month apart.  Once the desired results have been achieved, regular maintenance sessions every few months are also recommended.

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