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Leg Veins

Leg Veins

A broad range of unsightly leg vessels – from superficial spider veins to deep blue leg veins – can quickly and effectively be treated through laser therapy.​  (Unfortunately, knotty varicose veins are not suitable for treatment by laser.)  Clients often prefer laser vein therapy to sclerotherapy as there are no painful injections to endure.  The laser causes the blood in the vessel to coagulate and then be re-absorbed by the body.  Although some veins instantly disappear, others may take a few weeks to do so, and the number of treatments required depends on the number, depth and size of the vessels being treated.  It's also worth noting that for those with a propensity for developing such leg veins, yearly maintenance treatments may also be required.

Image by Anelya Okapova
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What Treatment works best?

Nd YAG Laser

The Nd YAG Vascular Laser treatment is able to quickly and safely remove a broad range of unsightly vessels without the requirement of needles.

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