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Surgical Scarring

Surgical Scarring

When skin is cut due to injury or surgery, the formation of a scar is a normal part of the skin's healing process.  Such scar tissue is composed of the same protein as the surrounding skin but  the collagen here is laid down in a different fibre formation.  This makes the scar less elastic and therefore more noticeable than the surrounding skin it is attached to.  While it might not be possible to completely normalise the appearance of scar tissue, there are a number of laser treatments available that go a long way towards achieving such a goal.  These treatments are generally used in combination to increase collage production, remodel the scar tissue and reduce its redness, all of which help to improve the appearance of the scar.


What Treatments work best?

RF Needling

RF Vivace Skin Needling stimulates the natural production of collagen to help reduce the appearance of scarring.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis works by heating up the underlying tissue without harming the skin's surface.  This process causes your body to produce new collagen. 

ACCOR Plasma

The pen creates an ionised plasma arc which projects onto the skin's surface and instantly vaporises a point of skin at the required position.


Omnilux Light Therapy stimulates your body's natural processes to heal and rejuvenate the skin without pain or

any downtime.

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