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Laser Limelight

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Laser Limelight

Laser Limelight is an excellent treatment for improving skin tone as well as reducing surface blemishes associated with sun damage.  The treatment delivers an intense pulsed light (IPL) laser to target the area of concern, and can be customised for each client's individual skin type.  It is suitable for use on any part of the face, neck or décolletage - all areas where these types of imperfections are often noticeable.

What conditions is it suitable for?

  • brown spots

  • skin redness; improves the condition of Rosacea

  • sun spots & surface blemishes

  • tiny veins and pigmentation

What does it feel like?

As the procedure delivers a pulse of light energy to the treatment area, each pulse can be felt like a mild yet brief pinching sensation.  This sensation is often described as being similar to a warm rubber band hitting the skin.  Pain medication is usually not required and a gel is applied before the treatment to cool the skin. 

How long is a treatment and how many are needed?

Most treatments generally take less than an hour.  Although good results are often seen from only one or two treatments, additional sessions may be required depending on the individual client.  Yearly maintenance treatments may also be recommended.

Is there any downtime ?

It takes approximately one week for the darkened spots produced by the treatment to disappear.  You may also experience some redness or a 'scruffy' appearance to your skin during this time.  Therefore, it may be advisable not to organise any social activities in the days immediately following your treatment if this may be of concern.

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