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Express Refining Facial

This facial begins with a deep cleanse and a desincrustation, followed by a refining peel that is left on for up to 10 minutes.  The treatment is then finished off with an antioxidant serum and hydrator, perfect for time poor clients that need a quick pick me up. 




Mattify Calming Facial

This facial is for problematic congested acne skin conditions and is designed to soothe and gently clarify the complexion.  After the skin is carefully cleansed and extractions performed, a clay mask is applied to encourage detoxification and sooth any inflammation.  Following the facial, Omnilux blue LED light can also be added to eliminate bacteria and calm the skin. 



Purifying Facial + Peel

A targeted treatment designed to detoxify and calm congested and inflammatory skin conditions.  A fusion of mandalic or AHA peel plus immunity boosters are utilised to refine and heal the skin while strengthening the epidermal barrier and regulating sebaceous activity, leaving the complexion cleansed, purified and soothed.  Omnilux can follow the treatment as an add on. 



Signature Regime Facial

Combining the Ultraceuticals Signature double cleanse, luxurious massage techniques and a customised two phase corrective cosmeceutical serum infusion and balancing treatment, this facial is tailor-made to refine and hydrate the skin whilst delivering the luxurious ultra experience.



Hydrating Facial

Working to repair stressed and dehydrated skin, this moisturising boost treatment balances and restores the skin’s natural hydration levels. Combining Ultraceuticals’ Vitamin B2, B3 and Provitamin B5, this relaxing facial will visibly nourish your skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles.



Microdermabrasion/Hydro Facial

This high performance facial will gently erase surface skin layers to reveal visibly brighter and smoother skin.  The microdermabrasion acts to polish, retexture and thoroughly cleanse and invigorate the skin.  You then have the choice of either a collagen-rich hyaluronic mask to boost the skin's epidermal water content, or a mini peel ensuring penetration of serum into deeper levels of the epidermis. This treatment also increases the absorption of actives and serum at home.




Mini Microdermabrasion (30 min)

This facial is for problematic and congested acne skin conditions.  It is a calming facial designed to soothe and gently clarify the complexion.  After the skin is carefully cleansed and extracted, a clay mask is applied to encourage detoxification and sooth any inflammation.  Great for teenagers and adults alike.

Eliminating bacteria with Omnilux blue LED light and calming the skin for optimum skin health can be added. 



Omnilux Facial Red + Peel

Suitable for all skin types to boost dermal moisture levels. The accent is on plumping and firming the skin by stimulating cellular activity, circulation, tissue oxygenation and detoxification. After a thorough cleanse and exfoliation of the skin, customised peel is applied, followed by LED light therapy and finishing hydrating creams .  Results are visible after each treatment and are most profound after cumulative treatments.

 PACKAGE OF 10: $1150




Omnilux Facial Blue + Peel

This facial is suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with dilated pores, fine lines, sensitive skin, or acneic conditions. By activating an anti-inflammatory response in the dermis followed by light therapy, wound healing, scar reduction and the plumping and firming the skin are all added benefits. Results are visible after each treatment but are most profound after cumulative treatments. 

PACKAGE OF 10:  $1150




Injectable Treatments

Refine and define to reveal the best version of yourself and celebrate your beauty.  Dr Liza Rady, formerly from Sydney, visits the salon regularly.  You can  completely contour your facial structure or define your best features or you can prevent the signs of ageing by treating crows feet or frown lines .  You could add volume to your cheeks or lips . Even try new collagen coils for hydrating the face or neck or hands with Dr Liza Rady.



Add-Ons with Ultraceuticals Performance

Why stop with treating just your face?   We can target other areas of concerns with equal passion and corrective ingredients for extended results (only available as an add on with a facial, see below). 


Upgrade your facial with a Vita-Eye Rejuvenating Booster which treats fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness.



This is a thorough deep exfoliation and antibacterial cleanse of rough & uneven skin on the whole back area. This treatment helps to reduce enlarged pores & congestion and includes blackhead removal with a 10 minute soothing & relaxing massage to finish. Excellent for that special occasion or just to prepare that hard to reach area for holidays.



Deep exfoliation to hydrate and smooth skin tone and texture with a 10 minute

ultra-recovery moisturising massage.



Warm towel followed by a double cleanse and foot skin preparation . Lactic peel with customised corrective serum for 10 minutes, followed with a mask foot massage and hydrating cream.

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